The Altarac Law Firm, PLLC concentrates in the field of Matrimonial and Family Law. Our attorneys are extremely experienced and work diligently to reach an amicable resolution for their clients in the most cost effective manner. However, when settlement is not an option, the Firm’s extensive experience obtains the most favorable outcomes for their clients at trial.

We understand that the divorce process is extremely difficult, and, thus, our Firm strives to make certain our clients receive the necessary and personal attention required throughout the proceedings.

Our clients are educated and informed, which allows them to make decisions, which will benefit their lives, once the divorce process has been concluded. The Altarac Law Firm, PLLC is aware that the divorce rates among families with children with special needs are disproportionately higher than families with typical children. Thus, this Firm is fully cognizant of the special circumstances which must be considered when determining the issues of custody, visitation and support for a special needs child during the divorce process.

Legal Services

Our services for our clients include the following:

  • Contested Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Child Custody Issues (including relocation)
  • Child Support Issues & Modifications
  • Maintenance & Spousal Support
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Separation Agreement
  • Enforcement & Modification proceedings
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • Pre-Nuptial & Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Equitable Distribution (Property Division)
  • Adoptions
  • Contempt Proceedings
  • Family Court
  • Supreme Court

Attorney Profiles

Jill Altarac, Esq.

Long Island, New York matrimonial and divorce attorney Jill Altarac

Jill Altarac is the founding partner in The Altarac Law Firm. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and graduated with high distinction from the University of Michigan in 1992. In 1995, Ms. Altarac received her law degree from Brooklyn Law School and was subsequently admitted to practice in New York in 1996. Since her admission in 1996, Ms. Altarac has concentrated solely in the field of matrimonial and family law. Ms. Altarac is extremely well versed in the area of matrimonial law and has handled numerous trials and proceedings in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as in each of the five boroughs of New York, over the last 22 years. 

Ms. Altarac was accepted as a member of the American Inns of the Court, an organization that consists of the most pristine matrimonial attorneys in Long Island. Jill Altarac is recognized as a specialist in matrimonial law, serving as a member of the Nassau County Bar Association, the Nassau County Bar Association/Family Law Committee, the Nassau County Bar Association Custody and Family Law Subcommittee, the New York State Bar Association/Matrimonial Family Law Committee and the American Bar Association Matrimonial/Family Law Committee. She is also a member of the Nassau County Women’s Bar Association. 

Ms. Altarac is a strong advocate for her clients. She will work with her client in an effort to obtain the most favorable outcome in a cost effective and expedited fashion. She is extremely dedicated to her clients and makes certain that their rights are protected throughout the matrimonial proceedings. She has argued cases before the New York Supreme Court and Family Court and the New York State Appellate Division. 

In addition, Ms. Altarac has served as a distinguished lecturer for the National Business Institute, and New York Life Insurance and the Professional Speaker’s Bureau, Inc. Her lectures have covered numerous topics in the Matrimonial/Family law area, notably grandparent visitation rights, custody, visitation and support issues, equitable distribution considerations, property rights, ethical considerations in divorce cases and settlement negotiation tactics. 

While Ms. Altarac understands that all children’s financial interests should be protected throughout the divorce proceedings, she is especially cognizant that the rights of special needs children must be addressed, on a case by case basis, so that their necessary services are maintained and continued for the children. Thus, she makes certain that the financial provisions, as set forth in the legal documents are tailored to the individual child’s needs. Ms. Altarac has served as Treasurer and Vice President of SEPTA of Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA) in the Syosset School District.

Kristin J. Kircheim

Long Island, New York matrimonial and divorce attorney Kristin J. Kircheim

Kristin J. Kircheim is an Associate with The Altarac Law Firm, PLLC. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Hofstra University in 2007. In 2010, Ms. Kircheim received her Juris Doctorate from Hofstra Law School, where she was a member of the Labor and Employment Law Journal. 

Since her admission to the New York State Bar, Ms. Kircheim has concentrated her practice in the fields of matrimonial and family law. Understanding that litigation is a stressful and emotional experience for a client, Ms. Kircheim approaches each case with compassion, accompanied by her zealous advocacy to achieve the most favorable outcome on behalf of her clients. Ms. Kircheim is a member of the New York State Bar Association and Nassau County Bar Association/Matrimonial Family Law Committee. 


“I had the pleasure of being represented by Ms. Altarac while I was going through what remains the most difficult situation of my life. She was always professional as well as empathetic in handling my case. I know very little about the law and were it not for Ms. Altarac I would have not had the first idea how to look after or secure those things that were in the best interest of myself and my family. I will always appreciate her work to help me move through that very difficult time and be able to experience the blessings on the other side.”
– Tom G. (New York, NY)

“Insightful, understanding and extremely confident”
– Herb (Plainview)

Endorsement: “I endorse this lawyer’s work. She is a great trial lawyer and is dependable, honest and hardworking. I truly admire her tenacity, intelligence and her unusually refined compassion which she shows to her clients and peers”
– Avvo website: Endorsement from lawyer: Lisa Older , New York (NY) Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“An understanding approach to the complications of life with a compassionate but legal mind”
– Pam F. (Great Neck)

“Jill Altarac is gentle like a lamb but like a lion when put to the test, the firm works with you and I have been very happy overall”
– Claudia V. (Westbury)

“I trust her with my life”
– Larry M (Central Islip)

“Choosing the right lawyer makes the difference between winning and losing a case. They are professional, knowledgeable, highly experienced attorneys. I used their service for over 10 years and they are the only ones I trust completely”
– Agnieszka P. (Lindenhurst)

“Jill Altarac has been representing me regarding post marital issues for the past several years. Not only has Jill represented herself well against opposing counsel but she was always empathic to my concerns and held my hand throughout her representation of me. Her firm is astute and on point before all trial dates and Jill has always been prepared before entering a court room. In addition to her fine work, her fees were reasonable and her firm never looked to gouge me. I have and will continue to recommend The Altarac Law Firm to all my friends and colleagues”
– Scott S. (Old Westbury)

Jill and her team were expedient and quick to resolve my issue with a business dispute . To this end I was delighted with the service and I recommend her and team for legal representation anytime to anyone seeking excellent counsel. Thanks Jill.
– Richard (March 6, 2018)

After a 4 and 1/2 year divorce I can highly recommend Jill Altarac as an experienced, thoughtful and caring attorney who will give you the personalized service you deserve and may not receive at a larger firm. Jill’s experience and affable nature creates a productive working relationship with her clients, the courts and opposing counsel. But when she needs to go to battle on your behalf you will be thankful she is representing you and not your ex. Additionally, her focus on always doing what is in the best interest of children is comforting if you are a parent going through a divorce. Since I am also an attorney I believe I am probably a harsher critic then most when it comes to legal services and I was and am a satisfied customer. I chose Jill after interviewing 5 other firms. Just sit down with Jill for 15 minutes and you will recognize why I felt such a level of comfort with Jill during this very tumultuous time in my life.
-Mark (January 10, 2018)

Great attorney. Kristin did a good job with my divorce. She stayed on top of things and was very easy to deal with. She always made sure I understood what was going on and always pushed to have things move quickly. She was very fair with her time and billing.
-Stefanie  (May 25, 2016)

I was highly recommended to Jill by a close friend that was going through the same issues. I made an appointment to consult with her and hired her on the spot in order. Although Jill comes off very sweet and nice she is a PIT BULL in court. Jill was straight to the point and didn’t want to my case to drag out forever. After looking back at what I spent it could have been a lot worse since my case was very complicated. In the end JILL was able to get my case settled on my terms. I am not a client who waits around for answer. I called her office almost everyday and when she wasn’t in the office would call and text her on her cell phone even on weekends and yes on Sunday as well. Her entire staff was very friendly and although I must have been a big pain they were very understanding. If you need an attorney on you side to make sure you get a fair deal then you must hire the Jill Altarac Esq. and no she didn’t charge me extra for my 7am calls.
-Corey (May 13, 2016)

I can’t say enough about Jill.
I absolutely love this lawyer and lady.
I had gone through 2 different lawyers, where I had terrible experiences.
Jill was always upfront with me,and clear with her expectations for how the case would proceed.
She is an expert in the legal process, her motions are very precise and extremely effective.
Working with Jill has been a pleasure.
She performed flawlessly at all times.
Jill far exceeded the expectations set in our initial consultation.
-Susan (August 5, 2015)