The Altarac Law Firm, PLLC.

This Firm concentrates in the field of Matrimonial and Family Law. Our attorneys are extremely experienced and work diligently to reach an amicable resolution for their clients in the most cost effective manner. However, when settlement is not an option, the Firmís extensive experience obtains the most favorable outcomes for their clients at trial.

We understand that the divorce process is extremely difficult, and, thus, our Firm strives to make certain our clients receive the necessary and personal attention required throughout the proceedings.

Our clients are educated and informed, which allows them to make decisions, which will benefit their lives, once the divorce process has been concluded. The Altarac Law Firm, PLLC is aware that the divorce rates among families with children with special needs are disproportionately higher than families with typical children. Thus, this Firm is fully cognizant of the special circumstances which must be considered when determining the issues of custody, visitation and support for a special needs child during the divorce process.